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The Latest Christmas Decor Trends

Nov 30, 2020 | Trends

Christmas Decorating Ideas for 2020


This year, Christmas is all about spreading warmth, positivity, and good cheer, and there is no better way to do that than with some beautiful interior decor. The following trends are bound to liven your mood during the season of joy!

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The Magical Outdoors

Funnily enough, Christmas interior decor trends this year aren’t just limited to interiors. One of the most fun Christmas trends of 2020 is the fully decked out front doors and porches that have been flooding the likes of Pinterest, Etsy and Instagram. Nothing says Christmas spirit like beautifully decorated wreaths and boughs of holly strewn artfully across your front door and porch. Adding outdoor lamps and candles also add to the cosiness of the season, and is a welcome sight after a long drive or a walk in the chilly air. If you feel like taking it up a notch, how about placing some decorations on your front porch? It is sure to add a touch of fantasy to an already magical season!

don’t limit Christmas Decor to interiors

A Touch of Navy Blue for Your Christmas Decor

For those looking for a classic and artful look to your Christmas interior decor, tapping into the trending Navy Blue palette is the way to go. The dark colour stands out beautifully in any living room and kitchen, and works well with silver and sparkly decorations. Homeowners can even consider adding touches of navy blue throughout your home, from rugs, plates, pillows, Christmas present wrapping paper, or even your Christmas tree! If you’re looking to update your kitchen or bathrooms with a new seasonal look, consider an Alusplash backsplash panel, which could be the way to go!

Timeless Scandinavian

Another all-rounded trend this year is the simple yet timeless elegance of Scandinavian-themed Christmas decor. One of the key aspects of this look are wooden decorative items, including candlesticks, tree ornaments or even dinner plates and cutlery. Solid, comforting colours like greys and whites act as a lovely backdrop to thick wool throws or furry rugs, and add warmth to your space. To complete the Christmas look, using twinkling white fairy lights strewn across cabinets or wrapped around the bannisters add a touch of whimsy to your home.

Traditional Christmas Decor makes a comeback

Traditions to Last Generations

This may also be the year when traditional Christmas decor makes a comeback, especially for those with young kids. Nostalgia is heavy in the air, and this is certainly a year where everyone is looking for more than a little bit of comfort and familiarity. Hanging giant socks by the fireplace, Christmas cookies in Santa plates, the scents of cinnamon and vanilla in the air (easily achieved with scented candles) are just some of the ways to bring back the Christmas of your childhood.

Keep Your Christmas Decor Personal

With Christmas parties being keyed down a bit this year, it is the perfect excuse to personalise the Christmas decor for your guests, and go the extra mile to make each person feel welcome in your home. Personalised place cards at the dinner table, little homemade toys to entertain (even adults love these!) and Christmas goodie bags with a slice of homemade rum cake for your guests to take home, are guaranteed to make anyone feel special.

We hope you’ll enjoy using these interior decor trends to make your home feel joyful, warm, and full of good cheer this Christmas season.


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