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The Latest Trending Paint Colours

Oct 7, 2020 | Trends | 0 comments

Dulux Colour of the Year 2021

Year after year, interior designers and homeowners alike, look for the latest trending paint colours to spruce up their renovation projects, and the verdict is finally in for what’s coming in 2021. The paint and design experts at Dulux who often greatly influence this yearly movement, have chosen their crowning glory for the coming year: Brave Ground. This wonderfully bolstering shade fosters a deep connection to nature, earth, and simpler things.

The warm brown tone of Brave Ground manages to create a feeling of both stability and growth, and encourages fertile creativity to come to life in your choice of home décor.

Brave Ground – Colour of the Year 2021

Design experts love Brave Ground for its neutral tone, and its ability to stabilize and ground a room. The sheer versatility of the shade also works well with other trending paint colours of the moment, allowing designers and adventurous homeowners to mix and match with ease. The experts at Dulux have created four distinct trending paint palettes that complement Brave Ground well, and are sure to bring any interior space to life.

Expressive Colour Palette

The first in the latest array of trending paint colours is the Expressive Colour palette. Awash with lovely light pinks, purples, and reddish-rust browns, this palette can be used for feature walls, or as a pop of colour in the kitchen or bedroom.

Trust Colour Palette

This is followed by the Trust Colour palette. Filled with dark browns and greys, this palette is both steady and strong, making it the perfect background for colourful pieces. This makes room for vibrancy and creativity, and allows choice statement pieces – whether a painting, a piece of furniture, or a gorgeous vase – to roar to life.

Timeless Colour Palette

The next palette, aptly named the Timeless Colour palette, is full of warm yellows and light browns that spill sunshine into any space you wish to call your own. This lovely colour palette can be used anywhere in your home, and immediately evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. The warm colours allow shiny materials to really pop, making it the perfect complement with a high-gloss backsplash in your kitchen or shower area.

Earth Colour Palette

Last but certainly not least is the Earth Colour palette, filled with variations of blues coupled with stabilizing browns which would be perfect in homes where green fingers abound. This is the perfect selection of colours to be used as a backdrop for green and colourful plants. This palette makes you think of blue skies and better days, and is sure to leave you in a cheery mood.

As with most things, adaptation is key when it comes to following the latest trending paint colours for the coming year. Paint colours can be a very personal choice, and often reflect the personality of the home owners. Brave Ground, and its accompanying palettes offer softer colours for the coming year, to soothe our troubles, and perhaps, bring warmer and calmer days to the forefront.


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