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Trendy Ways to Spice up your Kitchen

Feb 11, 2020 | How To

When it comes to changing the look of your kitchen, small modifications can make a huge difference. With the right colour tone, you can change your kitchen’s design from dull to elegant.

Forget matchy-matchy, kitchens are becoming more blended as we enter a new decade with clever storage and statement accessories!

Smart Storage

Storage is key. We house so many things from ingredients and utensils, to oils and pantry items.

In order to enhance our well-being de-cluttering is necessary, therefore cleverly hidden storage solutions will help to keep your surfaces tidy and organised in the kitchen.

A common misconception: Functional is boring. Ban that thought out of your head!

We have all progressed in to design spaces where functionality can definitely meet style.

Spatial arrangement

One the kitchen has been identified as the centre of your home, the spatial arrangement and connecting it with the rest of the social areas means that the design is essential to complete the final composition.

Kitchen aesthetics are tied up with the rest of the design composition as well as catering to the needs of the homeowner. It needs to be suitable for a variety of  activities; from cleaning vegetables, chopping or roasting meat to mixing sauces. So, contemporary kitchen design ideas and materials must combine to bring together a stylish aesthetic with durable and functional finishes with considered material choices.

Be bold with colour

We spoke about the kitchen having to consider functionality, but that does not mean our kitchens cannot be fun and playful. Be daring and start by considering a light hearted approach by introducing primary hues and quirky accessories. Use contrasting colours which may even clash, but use them as your accent either as your backsplash or through appliances purchased.

Terrific tessellations

Ditch the usual suspects and make a graphic statement by embellishing your counter area with a stylised tessellation. From chevrons, to triangles, to just about any shape you could ever think of, the limitation is your creativity. For the cherry on top, you can pair it with an accent colour of your choice, setting the tone for the rest of the kitchen.


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