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Upcycle Your Kitchen With These Clever Budget Hacks

Jul 15, 2022 | How To

Kitchens are one of the most heavily utilised rooms in the home, so it follows that it’s almost always in the need of a little refresh. That doesn’t mean you need to break open that piggy bank to make some large-scale changes, however!

A little clever DIY and strategic planning to upcycle your kitchen can go a long way in creating some home design magic.

image of upcycled jars with labels

Bottle Up That Creativity & Upcycle your Jars

Find new ways to upcycle your kitchen by using old bottles, jars and tins – well beyond just recycling them or (gasp!) throwing them away. Old labels can be easily removed with soapy water, and baby oil works best for getting rid of any sticky residue. That leaves you with a lovely canvas for you to paint or beautify with satin ribbons or any other decorative accessories you might have lying around. Use these bottles to hold coffee, tea, sugar, sweets, or even your favourite spices. Make a homemade bottle of chai mix and store it in a glass bottle anytime you want to make a warming cup of tea for yourself or your guests!

The real joy that comes with upcycling old containers, is that it genuinely encourages you to keep sustainability at the forefront. Being able to bulk-purchase an item and forego single-use plastic where you can, does wonders for the environment in the long run.

Showing your older furnishings just a little love can make them look like brand new!

image of upcycled storage jars for herbs in the kitchen

Happy Herb Holders

If you have any mason jars lying around, you could create a little DIY herb garden for your kitchen! Not only would you have fresh herbs whenever you like, but the herbs also add a beautiful dash of natural green to your kitchen décor. You can even create a vertical herb garden with a plank of wood, by attaching the mason jars with metal cable ties.

This is the perfect way to upcycle your kitchen, by having customised jars instead of ordinary plant pots. Layer the bottom with gravel for drainage, top up with soil and then plant your herbs on the top. Place them in a sunny spot, remember to water your happy herb garden often, and voila! A personal piece of upcycled nature that just keeps on giving.

image of upcycled cutlery in the kitchen

Upcycle your Kitchen Cutlery

One of the cleverest examples of kitchen upcycling we’ve seen, was this brilliant idea to reuse kitchen utensils as hooks for dishcloths or other kitchen odds and ends. All you would need is an old plank of wood, a drill, and possibly a hammer to bend old cutlery into exactly the shape you’d like. Most metal utensils are already naturally malleable and would fit in perfectly with your kitchen décor. For a quicker revamp of your old cutlery, why not paint or decorate your metal with a contrasting colour or for a really crazy upcycle, add some glitter!

For step-by-step instructions on how to create your own masterpiece, take a look at capturebylucy.com.

Upcycled painted chair in the kitchen

Upcycle Your Furniture 

 When old kitchen bar stools, dining chairs or table paint begin to peel, it might be tempting to say ‘sayonara’ and begin hunting for something new. But most good quality furniture can last for much longer than that first paint job and showing your older furnishings just a little love can make them look brand new. Strip any of the pieces of furniture that need to be updated, and pick a bold new colour to repaint them.

If you have an artistic touch, use small brushes and some stencils to draw a few lovely patterns on the newly upcycled and painted furniture. If there are kids in your household, you could even saw part of the legs off some stools to create kid-friendly homemade furniture.

There really is no end to upcycling opportunities in your kitchen, all it takes is a little patience to breathe new, creative life into something old!


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