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Use These Colours To Enhance The Energy In Your Home

Apr 27, 2022 | Trends

Environmental Psychology is the study of how our environment and the physical world affects the way we think and feel. The use of colour and its impact falls squarely into this category, even giving birth to the idea of ‘chromotherapy’, an alternative medicine which suggests that colours can have healing effects on the human body.

While we won’t be making the claim that painting a wall a certain colour could cure that persistent cold, there are a number of studies that have proven that being surrounded by certain colours have an effect on one’s mood and mental health.

So then the question becomes, how do we use colour psychology to our advantage when it comes to interior décor?

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Ocean Blues & Calming Greens

Blues and greens are often top choices for homeowners because they are so clearly reflective of the natural world. Blues are reminiscent of summer skies or the deep oceans. They are considered cooler colours and are perfect choices for homes found in sunnier or warmer climates.

Using too much blue in seasons that are colder, however, can sometimes lead to people being more prone to bouts of melancholy. Green on the other hand is a lovely colour to have all year round.

These colours remind us of grassy, rolling hills and are often extraordinarily soothing to most. They’ve been known to be a calming influence on people, so it would be the perfect paint colour for your home office or the kids’ playroom to help keep all tantrums in check!

the idea of ‘chromotherapy’, an alternative medicine suggests that colours can have healing effects on the human body


Sunny Yellow and Cheerful Orange Colours

Yellows and oranges are bright, happy colours that cause an instant mood uplift. They are of course very much a reminder of sunny days and fresh, summer fruit. They represent joy and optimism and are even known to stimulate a person’s appetite!

This would of course make it the perfect colour choice for your kitchen or dining areas. Apart from painting your walls this colour, think about your choice of tiles, cutlery, or even bold and bright splashbacks for your kitchen! The gorgeous Autumn Leaves splashback from the Elements collection would do just the trick, and be visually impactful all at once.

Juicy Red_Kitchen_AluSplash_Colour_Blog

Vibrant Reds and Passionate Pinks

Reds and Pinks are known to have the most powerful physical effects on the human body. They can increase your heart rate, blood pressure and even breathing frequency.

These colours are great choices for a room that is meant to be stimulating (like the gym) or that you personally wish to be more vibrant (like the kitchen or dining area).

Reds and pinks should be used carefully but can be great additions to the colour design of your home.


Creative Purples & Stimulating Violets

Purples and violets are a couple of the more interesting colour choices when it comes to home design for your wellbeing. The mix of a soothing colour (blue) with vibrant colour (red), has been found to boost productivity and creativity to astonishing levels.

While perfect for the kids’ study room, a home studio, or any place that is meant to be conducive to creative output, these colours are bold statements all on their own, even without the added benefits!


Palatable Greys & Soothing Whites

Last but not least in the realm of colour psychology, is the use of greys and whites – which technically aren’t really colours at all. For those who find the use of bold colour too stimulating to be splashed on a wall, greys and whites provide the perfect canvas for gentle experimentation and play.

Add a couple of bold and colourful prints, the use of wallpaper on a section of a white wall, or even neon lights to add a dash of creativity to your space without the commitment of painting an entire wall a certain colour. They are of course the most versatile of the lot, which makes it easy to choose complementary furnishings for your home.

While colour psychology has been used in interior décor for a while now, our reactions to colour are still largely personal and often influenced by culture. There are many cultures that mix and match bold colours with ease, while some prefer more muted tones for their home. The use of colour in interior décor is absolutely about finding what works for you, and what boosts your personal sense of well-being.

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