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Viva Magenta: Pantone’s Colour Of The Year for 2023

Dec 20, 2022 | Trends

Colour is an extraordinary visual language that quite often communicates what words can’t. They are a reflection of culture, emotion, and an expression of individuality that go beyond the use of linguistics, or even images. Perhaps most intriguingly, colour has been known to influence moods, emotions, and psychological states in a way that human beings have always intuitively suspected, but are only just beginning to understand. Pantone is one institution that has always known the impact of colour – and began the ‘Colour of the year’ program in 1999 as a way to unite these conversations about colour as a reflection of our society. Every year, their choices have proven to profoundly influence the use of colour in designs around the world, including the interior décor in our personal spaces.

Viva Magenta colour trend

Welcome to the #Magentaverse

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2023 is Viva Magenta 18-1750, a colour they describe as ‘vibrating with vim and vigour’. The shade is brave and fearless, a reflection of our changing society and the strength we are embodying as we move into a new phase of existence. As the world gradually emerges from our ‘pandemic years’, we are also seeing extraordinary movements for change, with many finding their voice in this new world. The last few years of somewhat imposed hibernation also seem to have kicked the advance of technology into overdrive – with movements in the metaverse tapping into global connectivity, and individuals coming together to contribute to something greater.

Pantone colour of the year choice has proven to profoundly influence the use of colour in designs around the world.

Viva magenta colour trend pink forest

Viva Magenta and You

Viva Magenta is a shade rooted in nature, and descending from a family of passionate reds. This is the colour found in riotously blooming flowers in your garden after a hard rain, and in the gorgeous fruits and berries that ripen in Spring. Pantone has already inspired partnerships with multiple companies who are already featuring this bold purplish-red in posters, phones, books, fashion – you name it! For the individual, Viva Magenta is a great way to add some much needed colour and vibrancy to your personal sense of style, and in your homes as well.


Viva Magenta colour trend pink tiles

Viva Magenta at Home

The shade is described as a nuanced crimson tone that straddles that complex line between what makes the colour of the year truly warm or cool. This makes it uniquely balanced in its uses as both a background and accent colour for the home. For those who may want to tread lightly with this vibrant colour, they can use it in more deliberate ways around specific spots in the home. Viva Magenta might look beautiful when used to highlight wall panelling, when drawing attention to an alcove or architectural space you’re particularly proud of, or to make a functional area more fun – like the use of Viva Magenta for your kitchen splashback.

viva magenta colour trend white alusplash splashback with pink kitchen

For those looking to really shake things up – be bold and brave with Viva Magenta – use the shade for accented floor tiles, or paint an entire room this colour. You could even use it in the home entryway, for an eccentric homage to Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole.

Viva Magenta inspires one to throw caution out the window, and be just a bit more fearless in our choices – both at home and in life. Feel free to tag us in your inspiring interior décor choices @alusplash, and we wish you the gifts of fearless freedom and creative individuality in the coming year!


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