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5 European Interior Designers for inspirational home designs in 2022

Feb 14, 2022 | Inspiration

Europe has long been a source of luxurious and diverse inspiration for interior design. Intricately and thoughtfully designed furniture, gilded accessories, and sleek materials are characteristic of traditional European-style décor. But in the last few years, designers across Europe have been merging tradition with eclectic styles, and clean, modern functionality, in new and exciting ways.

Here, we take a look at six handpicked designers and design studios across the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain, who are making a serious impact with their bold and creative designs.

5 European Interior Designers for inspiration featuring Day Interior

Day Interior – Dayane Pacheco

Day Interiors by Interior Designer Dayane Pacheco is a fun, accessible design studio with a strong focus on Scandinavian design.

While based in Amsterdam, Dayane herself is Brazilian, and comes from an architectural background. Her unique design sense comes across in her work – while keeping the customary sleek lines of Scandinavian design and functionality, they also weave in beautiful patterns and pops of colour. Her studio’s services include space planning, custom furniture design, and even suggestions for better organization through design function and form.

Dayane considers each customer a ‘unique universe’ and is focused on creating designs that bring a sense of comfort and well-being to her clients.

Designers across Europe have been merging tradition with eclectic styles, and clean, modern functionality, in new and exciting ways.

5 European Interior Designers for inspiration featuring Ethnic Chic

Ethnic Chic – Robin Toetenel & Youri van Oostendorp

Owners Robin Toetenel & Youri van Oostendorp have a strong passion for design and traditional artisanal techniques. They believe in merging the traditional with new influences and make it a point to share the details and stories behind techniques like, ‘fresco stucco’ and ‘gaufrage’ with their clients in the design stage.

They draw their inspiration from the idea of the ancient ‘silk road’, the network of Eurasian trade routes between multiple countries including China, India, and Venice. As such, they consider their work as ‘ethnical’ influences of multiple cultures in today’s design and architecture. They describe their team as youthful and energetic and are often inspired by their personal travels.

5 European Interior Designers for inspiration featuring Dimore Studio

Dimore Studio – Britt Moran & Emiliano Salci

Dimore Studio is a full-service global architectural and design studio that spans residential, retail, and hospitality projects.

Moran, who is a North Carolina-born former graphic designer, and Salci, a former art director from Tuscany, consider themselves to be the perfect fusion of talents. They describe Dimore as a studio of storytellers and experienced builders; that pair, mix and match from different time periods in a way that evokes emotion. References are at the core of their work, and they do rigorous research on pieces, textures, perfumes, and sounds to create an atmosphere that feeds the pleasure of the senses.

Moran and Salci pride themselves on taking a historical approach to their projects to give them some roots, before injecting a contemporary feel to their designs, that leave their clients with unique, bespoke, and curated spaces.

5 European Interior Designers for inspiration featuring Studio Pepe

Studio Pepe – Arianna Lelli Mami & Chiara Di Pinto

James and Saskia who launched Howark Design in 2017, met while they were both designers at Studio Reed. They emphasise an approach to design that is both practical and charming, with special attention paid to creating timeless interiors for their clients.

James and Saskia describe their relationships with their clients as being central to everything that they do. The focus of this small, but impactful studio, is on a beautifully detailed design that pays homage to the architectural roots of their clients’ projects.

5 European Interior Designers for inspiration featuring Adriana Nicolau

Adriana Nicolau – Interior Designer

Chosen as one of the ‘100 Interior Designers of the year’ by AD Magazine for 2021, Adriana describes her design philosophy as one centred around infusing her designs with happiness, courage, and life. As such, her interior design style is often bold and colourful, weaving in textures, patterns, and statement pieces with a touch of luxury.

Based in Madrid, her studio develops décor and interior design projects from the initial idea to complete execution, working closely with clients to bring their shared vision to life. Each project journey the studio works on is completely personalized, allowing each space to reflect the unique essence of its owners.

Europe is a deep pool of inspiration to dip into, and many of its designers are taking bold steps to redefine European old-world charm for the new age. While these are just a small handful of designers who are making an impact, be on the lookout for more gorgeous Interior décor and design inspirations coming in from Europe.


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