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Let’s Discuss Kitchen Styles

Apr 26, 2021 | Inspiration

Your Interior Decor Questions Answered

We’re answering some of the most common questions asked by our wonderful customers, as we explore the best interior decor options and Alusplash backsplash panel combinations for your home.
We’ll be discussing interior decor for various kitchen styles including Scandanvian, modern and traditional kitchens, as well as suggestions on creating the perfect kitchen environment by working with what you have.

What are the best ways to brighten up my kitchen?

Matt Black Trim

Colorful Accents

Using a mix of white with colour accents also helps create a bold and simple look that immediately livens up a space. Accents in the kitchen are incredibly easy to pull off; a colourful toaster, wooden bowls, or a lovely green plant on a white cabinet can work wonders. When your kitchen is starved of natural light, playing with the wattage of lightbulbs, or adding a mix of yellow and white lights can help balance out your kitchen and add some much-needed warmth to your space.

eclectic kitchen style

Matt Black Trim

Timeless White

Painting your kitchen white may seem obvious and dull, but there is a reason why a white kitchen is still part of any interior designer’s sketchbook. White reflects light, which automatically brightens up your kitchen, and choosing a mixture of white textures including kitchen tiles, cabinetry or accessories, can create a seamless flow of surfaces that blend together harmoniously without being boring. Alusplash has a gorgeous matte collection with a textured finish that could work wonders to brighten up a kitchen.

What is the best finish for different types of kitchen styles?

Scandi kitchen with a marble looking splashback in White Carrara colour from Alusplash and wooden dining table

Scandinavian Style

Scandanavian designs are often characterised by a minimalist look that incorporates muted, and nature-inspired accents. When designing a Scandinavian kitchen, the key is often to keep it simple. Pick a base colour scheme (white or grey are the usual choices) and accent your colour scheme with solid colour appliances or tiles. The Alusplash Elegance collection has a range of metallic colour backsplash panels that blend easily with Scandinavian kitchen styles, and provide a beautiful finish that blends easily with the rest of your kitchen and home. Adding wooden shelves or cabinetry adds the perfect last touch to your Scandinavian kitchen.

scandinavian kitchen style – marble backsplash (elements)

Midnight blue kitchen splashback from the matt Elements Collection of AluSplash paired with a white countertop and purple cabinets.

Modern Style

Modern Kitchens often blend style and functionality seamlessly. Characterised by sleek cabinetry, modern appliances, large countertops and gorgeous kitchen tiles, modern kitchens are often statements of the home. As such, they are bold in their use of colour without being overbearing. Designers often suggest a marble or other luxurious material for a kitchen countertop. For those who prefer looking at more cost-effective kitchen panels, the Alusplash high-gloss collection has subtle metal flakes that beautifully catch and reflect light, adding a luxe finish to your kitchen.

modern kitchen style – matt blue backsplash (elements)

Rustic kitchen with a Warm Grey Alusplash splashback and cheese cake in a plate on a wooden dining table with kitchen accessories

Traditional Style

Traditional kitchen spaces, while the most common, can often be the most difficult to design for. They are typically defined by formal light fixtures, stone countertops, furniture-style cabinets and muted colours. They style can be very personalised, and traditional kitchen owners often enjoy having a space where everyone can congregate and be comfortable in. Creating plenty of space to move around in, and using accessories that can also act as decor could be a great way of making your traditional kitchen style work for you. Using matte colours could also blend beautifully with most traditional kitchen styles. Understated and simple, they can accent any design without being overbearing.

traditional kitchen style – metallic warm grey backsplash (elegance)

What advice do you have for me before I begin my kitchen renovations?

Midnight blue kitchen splashback from the matt Elements Collection of AluSplash paired with a white countertop and purple cabinets.

Research, Plan, And Be Adaptable!

Researching your different kitchen style options, speaking to multiple designers, and scheduling your renovations in advance is truly essential. As with all renovations, surprises are often aplenty, and being adaptable as renovations begin is a welcome state of mind to be in, for all involved. That being said, your dream kitchen is often worth the trouble, and with the right amount of planning, you could be cooking in your dream kitchen before you know it!

Image credit: Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash, catesthill.com, AluSplash






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